Sydney & Melbourne Tentative Conference Program

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Travel Days
Overnight flights depart the U.S. late Tuesday, August 13, 2019. The expected departure times are between 6:00pm-7pm from New York and between 10:45pm-11:55pm from Los Angeles.  

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Morning Arrival to Sydney, Australia 
Due to the difference in time zone (Australia is 14 hours ahead of New York and 17 hours ahead of Los Angeles), flights will arrive in Sydney the morning of Thursday, August 15, 2019.    
Sydney Harbor Cruise (Lunch Included)
After check-in, spend the day getting familiar with this amazing city by boat. This cruise will bring you to the top attractions around Sydney Harbour.  Our guide will accompany us as we get on and off at the top attractions around the harbor, while learning all about the harbor’s history, culture, and iconic landmarks. 

Welcome Dinner
A guest speaker from Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) will join us for dinner. IAHA is an Australian not-for-profit allied health organization working to close the gap in health outcomes and access to services for Aboriginal people, to provide support and advocacy on behalf of Indigenous allied health professionals and students in Australia.   

Friday, August 16, 2019
Morning Workshops  
Enjoy presentations and discussions with distinguished professionals on such topics, such as: “Colonialism & Aboriginal Resistance in Australia” and “Indigenous Rights Movements” in Australia.  

Bangabaoui Aboriginal Experience (Lunch Included)
Be immersed in the culture and heritage of the country’s ancestral forefathers. Learn about local indigenous traditions, languages, stories of the past, and develop a deeper understanding of traditional Aboriginal family life, cultural identity, colonial occupation, and significant moments in Aboriginal politics.  

Saturday, August 17, 2019
The Art Gallery of New South Wales
This museum houses the Yiribana Gallery, which presents a selection of works from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collection. Yiribana means ‘this way’ in the language of the Eora people and acknowledges the location of the gallery on Gadigal land. The collection represents artists from communities across Australia, celebrates Indigenous Australia’s enduring cultural heritage, and its myriad contemporary expressions.    

Africans in Australia Roundtable (Lunch Included)
Contemporary African people arrived on Australia’s shores in 1787 with European visitors, and later came as skilled sugar workers who significantly advanced a fledgling sugar industry.  Notwithstanding, the formation of a durable Black African community in Australia is a relatively recent phenomenon. Stereotyping and homogenization of and discrimination against members of the Black African diaspora is particularly pervasive.  This roundtable discussion consists of Afro-Australian professionals and members of the African diaspora living in Australia.  Topics include, race relations, discrimination, and the personal experiences of the participants.   

Sunday, August 18, 2019
Blue Mountains Day Excursion (Lunch Included)
Explore all the sights of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, including Katoomba Falls, Scenic World, Echo Point, the Three Sisters, Laura Cascades, Wentworth Falls, and lots more. Learn about the area’s biodiversity and unique points of interest from your expert local guide.   

Monday, August 19, 2019

Depart for Melbourne, Australia & Check-in to Hotel
Melbourne City Tour (Welcome Lunch Included)
Get the inside scoop on Melbourne’s history and highlights with this entertaining 3-hour walking tour.  Learn about the city’s early settlers and how the city transitioned from a 19-th century port town to Victoria’s modern capital.  

Workshops with Department of Social Work Faculty, University of Melbourne
Visit the University of Melbourne, which houses one of the first master’s degree programs accredited nationally by the Australian Association of Social Workers. Meet with experienced faculty and discuss topics, such as: “Reconciliation and Strengthening a Nation” and “Social Work Practice in Indigenous Communities”. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS)
Visit this unique school for indigenous students making the difficult transition from remote or regional communities to schools in larger metropolitan communities. MITS seeks to empower Indigenous students who decide to take this difficult step. An initiative by dedicated individuals within the education sector and the Indigenous community, MITS has developed a new model for education of Indigenous students from remote and regional communities across Australia.

After lunch, enjoy a free afternoon to relax and explore on your own.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Day Excursion to Daylesford
Spend a relaxing day in the city of Daylesford.  The first stop on the journey is the Lavandula Lavender Farm- home of picturesque Lavender gardens and handmade natural beauty products, followed by a trip to the spa for a luxurious 30-minute hand and foot massage with refreshments.  Float out of the spa along Daylesford's main street to find one of the many local eateries that takes your fancy for lunch.  After lunch (on your own), we will travel on to the Hepburn Mineral Springs where you can sample some natural mineral water straight from the spring!  On our way back, we’ll stop at Castlemaine Chocolate Mill for some delicious treats!  

Thursday, August 22, 2019
Check Out of Hotel
Depart for USA or Uluru Ayers Rock Extension Program