NABSW is excited to share with you a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel with us on our 42nd Annual International Education Conference (IEC) to Australia, August 13-2019 – August 25, 2019.
Our conference theme, "Australia - Colonialism, Resistance and Reconciliation" embodies NABSW’s unique aspect of focusing on the African influences and experiences inherent in other countries that are often ignored in most other travel tour experiences. As you peruse the conference information, you will see that this conference has been designed to recognize and acknowledge African centered experiences that are rarely included in touring travel to Australia.
Workshops, tours and excursions will offer insight into the people, the land, the rituals, Indigenous Rights Movements and the history of people of African ancestry in Australia. The extension to the Uluru Rock is sacred land to the Aboriginal people. There we will be able to connect with the sacred expressions, beliefs and experiences of the Indigenous people in the Outback.


In the late 1960s, on the heels of the Civil Rights Movement, black social workers attending a national social welfare conference in San Francisco, realized the disparities of resources allocated to disenfranchised and underserved communities. On May 8, 1968, these dedicated professionals united to form the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW).  Since then, NABSW has been committed to advocating as a collective, sharing information, resources and methodologies, addressing racial bias, poverty, and other matters of social concern that impact the black community.  This year, NABSW celebrates 50 years of dedicated advocacy and pioneering work.

For more than four decades, NABSW has conducted annual international conferences held throughout Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas, and Europe.  Participation in NABSW conferences is only open to members and those eligible to be members. This year, NABSW has selected Diaspora Travel Experiences, a premier travel consulting firm, to develop and execute the 42nd International Education Conference, which will be held in Australia, August 14-24, 2019, across three Australian cities.

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Diaspora Travel Experiences is a full-service consulting company that specializes in group travel programs, faculty-led study abroad, and professional conferences in Cuba and other countries. The firm leverages decades of program management, project development, and building valuable resources to produce the highest quality programs.  For matters not relating to the NABSW conference, please address inquiries to:

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