The purpose of the NABSW African-Centered Social Work Academy is to augment knowledge, appreciation, awareness, and application of African-centered principles, frameworks and values in social work practice.

In the tradition of Ptah Hotep, one who dispersed Ancient Wisdom, our NABSW African-Centered Academy has been Chaired by Master-Sages who began service in 1996 to dispense practice-teachings to social workers, under President Emeritus Leonard G. Dunston:

Dr. Patricia Reid Merritt
Dr. Thaddeus Mathis
Dr. Tricia Bent-Goodley
Dr. Morris F. X. Jeff, Jr.
Dr. Rhonda Wells-Wilbon

The Class of 2018 is being formed NOW.
Sign up for the NABSW Academy for African-Centered Social Work, as a cohort of at least 15 students is required.

Application Fee: $25
Tuition Fee: $500 total
($250 to be paid at time of registration and $250 to be paid in full by December 1, 2017).

NABSW members, sign in on the website,, and click on the Academy page. The application will populate with your contact information.

This registration fee is an additional fee; not to be considered a conference fee.
National Academy Meeting Times at the 2018 San Diego, CA Conference
Modules I and II for registered students (Class of 2018) will take place via Blackboard Interface with Academy Staff and Sages.
Modules III, IV, V for registered students will take place at the National Conference.
The Informational Orientation session (Class of 2019) for all interested participants will take place at the National Conference.
The Graduation Ceremony for students completing National Academy requirements for Class 2017 will occur at the Harambee Ceremony.
NABSW African-Centered Academy Staff

Colita Nichols Fairfax, Ph.D.
National Chair

Karen L. Allen, MSW, LCSW-C, LICSW & Akosoa McFadgion, MSW, PhD
Academy Administrators

J. Toni Oliver, MSW
National President

For More Information Please email us at